Unite for Sight Global Impact Corps - Global Health Fellowship Opportunity in Winter, Spring, and Summer


What are your plans for the upcoming months? We hope to have an opportunity to work with you in Unite For Sight's Global Impact Corps in Ghana, Honduras, and India!

Unite For Sight’s Global Impact Corps volunteer abroad program is available year-round, and it's not too late to participate this winter, spring, or next summer! We encourage you to apply as soon as possible in order to secure your preferred program dates and location. Many program dates and locations will become filled to maximum capacity.

Watch a 5-minute video that features past Unite For Sight Global Impact Fellows who share their stories.  

Unite For Sight’s Global Impact Fellows are students and professionals who are interested in public health, international development, medicine, or social entrepreneurship. Fellows support, assist, and learn from Unite For Sight's talented local partner doctors who have provided care to more than 2.2 million patients living in poverty during the past decade, including 95,000 sight-restoring surgeries. The local doctors are social entrepreneurs who are addressing complex public health issues, and Fellows gain a comprehensive understanding about the complexities and realities of delivering quality healthcare in resource-poor settings.

Unite For Sight is the only organization in the world that:

o    is a healthcare delivery organization that also offers immersive global health opportunities for students and professionals;

o    directly teaches the importance of supporting and assisting local professionals in their own social ventures to eliminate disparities in their communities and countries;

o    develops comprehensive training materials in cultural competency, ethics, and global health best practices to prepare its Fellows for a high-impact and immersive experience.

Complete details and the online enrollment instructions can be seen here.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you during the upcoming months!




FELLOWSHIPS: FuseCorps, GLG, Acumen (Various Locations)

FuseCorps Fellowships

The FUSE Fellowship is a unique opportunity to leverage your professional background to solve crucial community problems. Each carefully crafted fellowship focuses on achieving lasting impact and exposing local government to innovative approaches. FUSE Fellows inspire communities throughout the country to reimagine what is possible in community based problem solving. Learn more here: http://www.fusecorps.org/become-a-fellow/


GLG Social Impact Fellows

Social Impact Fellows are curious, ambitious, and committed leaders of high-impact organizations. Those organizations best positioned to use GLG are at least 2-3 years old, have established teams and products or programs, and are at critical inflection points in their growth. GLG is excited to help leaders learn and further leverage the possibilities of targeted expertise. They plan to continue recruiting new Fellows every year and growing a robust community of social sector leaders, learners, and innovators. You can learn more here (http://glgsocialimpact.com).  If you have any questions, send to: info@glgsocialimpact.com.


Acumen 2017 Regional Fellows Program

When Fellows join the Regional Fellows Program, they embark on a leadership journey. Over the course of the year, Fellows engage in deep reflection, challenge their assumptions about the world, and strengthen their moral compass. Through these programs, we hope to create an interconnected web of global leaders who share values, collaborate with each other, and drive change. Applications for the 2017 Regional Fellows Programs in East Africa, India and Pakistan open June 13, 2016 and close August 1, 2016. Learn more here: http://acumen.org/leadership/regional-fellows/