[Social Innovation]: GRADUATE LEVEL Fellowship, Global Nutrition & Food Security


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Sight and Life (SAL, www.sightandlife.org) is a humanitarian nutrition think tank working to innovate in nutrition towards eradicating all forms of malnutrition in women of childbearing age and their children, and so improve the lives of the world’s most vulnerable populations. SAL aims to create unique value in the nutrition sphere by linking nutrition knowledge and research with implementation towards achieving scale. Our work spans identifying factors that affect nutritional status to engaging on innovative solutions with other actors including agriculture, education, social protection, WASH and the private sector. This knowledge does not translate easily to practical application and implementation on the ground. SAL’s unique expertise aims to fill gaps in knowledge in nutritional science and implementation, build capacity (functional and leadership) and integrate nutrition across other sectors through effective transformative partnering. 

SAL is offering a small number of graduate-level fellowships for candidates who combine solid academic credentials with curiosity, creativity, and passion for social impact. 

Internship objectives: The Fellow will learn how to develop innovative solutions to improve nutrition and food security in resource-poor settings through cross-sector and multidisciplinary approaches involving nutrition, agriculture, business, environmental science, information technology, and other fields. The Fellow will also learn how business development teams engage with partners, donors, and investors. Topics to be explored include child stunting and enabling national and regional markets to sustainably produce affordable nutritious foods. 

Benefit to Intern: Opportunity to help develop effective, innovative nutrition approaches based on public-private partnerships and other approaches, with practical training and experience in academic collaboration and business development. 

Skills to be developed and/or expanded during internship: Developing concept notes, writing literature reviews, working with a team on international public health issues, and developing innovative nutrition approaches into fundable scopes. 

Proposed activities: Assist the SAL team in designing effective nutrition solutions for resource-poor settings by conducting literature reviews, refining ideas with potential collaborators and funding agencies, and collaborating on writing papers and concept notes. Identify and prioritize funding opportunities. Fellow will gain exposure to staff, collaborators, and funding agencies. 

Stipend: Up to USD 1,000 per month, depending on dedication and other factors. 

Hours per week: 20-40 (dependent on student course load). 

Term: Four to five months (August-December 2017). 

Required Skills 

• Strong analytical, research, and writing skills 

• Experience conducting literature reviews and synthesizing articles 

• Ability to work both independently and as a team member 

Required Experience 

Postdoctoral researcher, doctoral degree candidate, recent graduate or graduate student in global health, nutrition, epidemiology, agricultural economics, business, environmental science, or related field, with at least 1-2 years of experience in carrying out formative research, interpreting qualitative and quantitative data, technical/scientific writing, or similar relevant activities. International project experience, particularly in developing countries, is highly desirable. 

Additional Information 

Please contact Peiman Milani at peiman.milani@sightandlife.org. 

Katherine Black

Program Coordinator, Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative (I&E)

www.entrepreneurship.duke.edu | @dukesocent


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